Too hot!

It's hot and sticky, and not in a fun way.

I spent most of the winter moaning that there was no sunshine and now there is, I'm wishing for winter.  Oh, to have the weather gods send some roaring wind and set the seas to churning.  When the temperature gods heat things up past 16 degrees I start to unravel.  The temperature has been way above 16 for days, even at night, so I'm completely useless and in danger of become a puddle of perspiration where my feet should be.  As proof of my ineptitude in hot weather, this morning I put the dustpan and brush in the freezer and my laptop in the oven. {heh heh}

Working with wool in such hot weather has been a bit of a chore.  I've resorted to dousing my hands with talc and muttering Choice Words with high frequency.  I'm working on a winter scarf design today which seems so bizarre when the sun is melting my brain and wearing clothes of any sort is a burden.  The yarn I'm using is an alpaca mix with lots of sticky out hairy bits.  Yes, gruesome!

I've also had the delectable enjoyment of a tangle disaster with my new yarn I bought in Hay-On-Wye this weekend...

Nice new yarn

I wound it on my swift and yarn winder..

so far so good

But didn't do it very well so wound it again...this is where things went wrong.

a mess.

'Don't worry', I thought, 'easily mended'.  Well, after an hour and a half of untangling it still looks the same.  I've given up, it's just too hot.

Another minor disaster is my hexagon blanket practice piece.  Somehow, all the edges are wavy and ruffled while the centre looks fine.  I've given up on that too, its just too hot.

looks fine in the middle

No more work today for me, I'm off to rummage in the freezer for a screwball or tip top and that's that.  I've given up, it's just too hot.

Book deadline #1:  14 big sleeps
Percentage of work finished:  28%

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm... you seem to be having a bit of a meltdown.
    Your Hay-on-Wye yarn just won't play ball and your hexagons have put the hex on you!
    I'm sure that when things cool down, you'll be able to sort things out.
    Coola head!