Mostly ess-haych-eye-tea

Yes, it's all been mostly ess-haych-eye-tea here for the last week or so.  Styx, my lucky black witches cat, went out and never came back.  I think a car had her.  The house is now just a house, not home at all - can't have a home without a cat.  It's deathly quite here without my little black shadow.


I am no longer a cat owner/crocheter cliche.  Three to zero cats in eight months :-(

Work has been a bit ess-haych-eye-tea too with three designs turning out rubbish, a blanket got felted (unintentionally) and I've had a run of colour choice uncertainties/disasters.  I'm slowly plodding along towards Book Deadline #2 though, bit by bit, like the tortoise.

To cheer myself up I've downed work tools for the weekend (why do I work 7 days a week anyway) and started a Shetland lace shawl.  Someone else's pattern - not mine!  I'm actually following it!!!!  Well, except for the yarn I'm supposed to use.  I've used up all the yarn I stuffed in my suitcase on return from Shetland (must order more and more and more) so had to rummage in the wool stash and use DK weight instead.  I'm more than happy for it to turn out huge.

Work Basket

I've done the easy bit, now I'm on the fumbling lacy bit which is even more tricksy after a nice glass of wine.  Thank the gods I had to use DK weight.    The project has sat patiently in my work basket all day while I work out what I've done wrong.  I always get the first few rows of lace in a right mess.

Right, lifeline in place, needles at the ready, glass within reach, iechyd da...

Book Deadline #2:  8 big sleeps
Percentage completed:  63%

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  1. Awww...I'm so sorry about Styx. Maybe someone is trapping just never know. That has happened to some of mine. Hope he comes back!